Welcome to Chasing Rain

Chasing Rain is the very essence of the lifestyle we live as kayakers. It's about where we are, where we're going, the people we meet and the good times we have. It's about sharing these incredible experiences with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, that's not what ChasingRain.com is all about.

Just what you needed: another lame-ass website from some kayakers with overinflated egos who only want to promote themselves. What makes Chasing Rain different from all the other kayak websites? We here at ChasingRain.com have realized that there's only one way to become well known in kayaking--relentless self promotion. And we're all about that, and we're willing to admit it....That and hype. Hype is good too. That's why we decided that we needed a website-so that folks like you could look at pictures of us, watch video of us, read stories about us, and generally feed our egos. It's all about us... us, us, us, us, 24/7. Some people would accuse us of only kayaking for the image. We'd deny that. Really, the reason we paddle is for the image AND to get chicks. In fact, we believe that the only reason anyone kayaks is for the image. Why else would they do it?